Doni Monardo (front) visiting Trembesi tress in Kariango Village, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi. (Photo: EM)

There have been little books in Indonesia dedicated to environmental care. Of those limited, most of them are written academically. The language is ‘dryly’ academic. They are indeed based upon robust evidence and valid arguments. But for the general people, they may not be as impressive, certainly not books you would read while having coffee. This book reflection will drive you to explore a rare book about our environment.

Written un-academically, the book presents us with features and easy-to-read stories while you have snacks and coffee. It is in Indonesian. A significant shortcoming, right? …

Ilustration (credit: Mongabay Indoensia)

Last 2015, Indonesia experienced the kind of the worst forest fires and haze disaster in decades. Unfortunately, it did not only made Indonesia but also other countries like Singapore and Malaysia suffer. As reported by CNA, there are three things Indonesian president can do to overcome the problem within his second term.

Jokowi visited Kalimantan in 2015 to witness first-hand the fire damage, then released policies to ameliorate the damaging impact of the fires. …

(Illustration, credit: Tribunnews)

Highlighting smoke disasters caused by forest and land fires in Indonesia, an environmental research team from Harvard University and Columbia University have developed modeling that can calculate and compare the health impacts of the disaster on Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia under various scenarios.

According to the researcher from Harvard University Tina Liu, the Indonesian forest and land fires happen due to changes in land use and cover, as well as peatland fire which is rich in carbon. Other factors causing forest fires are meteorological factors, such as drought caused by the El Nino phenomenon.

Mrs. Liu recently conveyed his concern…

(Ilustration, credit: AFP)

Land and forest fires in Indonesia has become a serious concern of the country’s leaders. More supporting tools and instruments are subsequently added to the effort to put out the fire as well as mitigate the damaging impacts. Recently, more helicopters are ready to be deployed to put out land and forest fire in Central Kalimantan.

Antara reports that the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) is ready to deploy more the flying vehicles to put out land and forest fire in Kalimantan. …

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We publish stories about our environment so people can relate the problem and potentials of it as they are truly part of their lives.

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